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BENETTI S.p.A. 67 metri

BENETTI S.p.A. 67 metri

Dati principali

Imbarcazione nuova
Tipologia Dislocanti (Motore)
Lunghezza67.00 mt Larghezza11.20 mt
Velocità Max16.0 nodi Velocità Crociera15.0 nodi
ZavorraNon indicata Pescaggio3.45 metri
HP FiscaliNon indicato BandieraNon indicata
Scadenza Rina Non indicata  
Informazioni Contattaci

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Trattativa privata

Motori e combustibili

Nr Motori2 Potenza2413 HP
Marca MotoriMTU Modello Motori12V4000M53
Ore motoNon indicato Trasmissione Linea d'asse
Nr SerbatoiNon indicati CapacitàNon indicata


Nr SerbatoiNon indicati CapacitàNon indicata
MaterialeNon indicato
BoilerSi AutoclaveSi


TensioneNon indicata Carica batt.Si
Nr Batterie Non indicato Capacità Non indicata
Generatore 220VSi 3x143 KW CATERPILLAR Potenza 429.0Kw


ScafoSTEEL  CopertaTEAK 



- Crew mess
- Laundry
- Crew corridors
- Crew cabins
- Crew bathrooms
- Storages
- Service areas


- Gear boxes: Two gearboxes ZF 5356 or equivalent are installed.
- Elastic coupling: An elastic mounting will connect gearboxes to the main engines to reduce noise and vibrations transmission.
- Resilient mounts: Four resilient mountings for each engine and four resilient mountings for gear boxes will be provided. Additional base plates between engine/gearbox mounts (supporting faces) and the full foundation will be fitted, for using epoxy compound for final alignment.
- Spare parts: Spare parts required by the Classification Society will be provided:
- 1 gear driven lube oil pump
- 1 gear driven coolant pump
- 1 gear driven seawater pump
- Shaft lines: Shaft lines will be made in C45 steel, shaft will be installed inside a structural pipe; shafts will be oil lubricated. Torsion vibration calculations of the complete transmission train from engine to propeller will be performed by the engine manufacturer or the Builder. Shaft diameter sized as per Classification Society requirements.
- Shaft bearings: Shafting will be arranged with oil lubricated bearings. Shaft bearing will be cast iron shell with centrifugally casted white metal bearing material.
- Shaft seals
Shaft seals will be provided as per following specification:
1) one inboard sterntube seal consisting of:
- cast iron casing and flange ring, including ubrication connections
- steel liner with ceramic coated running surface, including O-ring
- NBR sealrings, including stainless steel springs
2) one stern tube aft seal, consisting of:
- bronze casings, bronze flange ring including grease lubricated connection and bronze distance ring.
- chrome steel aft liner with ceramic coated running surface, including aluminium anode and O-ring.
- Bronze wire winder, which can be mounted against the propeller rub
- NBR dirt repellent seal ring including hastelloy springs
- Viton sealrings including hastelloy springs
- Propellers
Two propellers with five medium skew fixed blades will be provided, designed for high efficiency and low pressure transmission to the hull, made from nickel-aluminiumbronze (IACS CU3 type). They will be statically balanced and will have a surface finishing according to ISO 484/2, S class.
- Main generators: Three CATERPILLAR diesel generators, model C7.1 of 143 ekW each @ 0.8 p.f. – 400 V, will be provided. Generators will have freshwater cooling systems with freshwater pumps, heat exchangers, and sea-water pumps.
- Generators sound shield: Generators will be enclosed in a sound shield, supplied by the generator manufacturer.
- Generators mountings: The generators will be elastically mounted on a rigid structural foundation.
- Emergency generator: One CATERPILLAR diesel generator, model C4.4 of 86 ekW @ 0.8 p.f. – 400 V, will be provided.
- Bow thruster tunnel: The bow thruster tunnel passing through the hull will be connected by means of recessed shaped plates with adequate reinforcement, to resist the transverse propeller thrust.
Hull at bow thruster insertion will be properly faired to minimize drag with a protective grill made in stainless steel and installed as per the bow thruster manufacturer's recommendations.
- Bow thruster: A electric motor driven bow thruster will be provided, with a power of 200 ekW S2/30 min, controlled from wheelhouse and bridge wings. Bow thruster speed will be controlled via variable frequency drive.
- Fin stabilisers: A stabilizer system with two non retractable fins will be provided for underway and zero speed operations (at anchor). System will be designed for a nominal stabilizing effect calculated for 13.5 knots. Control panel 24 V DC to be installed in the wheelhouse, gyro panel in the engine room.
- Stabilisers powerpack unit: Fin stabilizers will be operated by a power pack unit equipped with two electrical pumps.


Navigation system, general
The system include:
- Two chart radar (X- and S-band)
- ECDIS workstation
- backup chart system
- Five 26” displays and trackballs
- video matrix
- BNWAS system
- GPS system
- AIS system
- gyrocompass
- magnetic compass
- autopilot
- echosounder
- backup echosounder
- speed log
- wind and weather station
A set of GMDSS devices (for navigation in A1, A2 and A3 areas) are provided, composed by:
- two VHF GMDSS Class A
- SSB system
- Navtex
- Inmarsat C GMDSS
- Remote GMDSS alarm panel
- Three portable VHF GMDSS
- Two SART
Additional communication devices are provided:
- VHF Class D
- Four portable VHF radios
- Fleet broadband FBB250 system
An integrated Navigation bridge system can be installed as optional.

Note aggiuntive

Total black water capacity: 4,000 Litres about
Total grey water capacity: 4,000 Litres about
Total lube oil capacity: 2,000 Litres about
Total oily water capacity: 1,400 Litres about
Total urea capacity (for about 1500 nm at 12 kn): 3,000 Litres about
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